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About Get Australia Standing

Whilst visiting a charity in Sweden in 2013, Gavin Bradley noticed all the staff had access to Sit-Stand work stations – and what’s more thought nothing of it.

Puzzled by this, Gavin decided to investigate the background to why Sweden (and indeed Scandinavia) are all Sit-Standing at work and he soon realised that there was some stark scientific research which has resulted in legislation mandating workers to have a right to height adjustable desks.

Gavin soon decided that Australia needed to become aware of the multiple health risks of sitting and compelling benefits of converting sitting time to standing time whilst at work.

So Get Australia Standing was born.

Our vision is that within 20 years more than 80 per cent of the workforce (four in five staff) will convert between 2 – 4 hours of sitting time with standing daily at their desk.

Please join in, follow us on social media (@getOZstanding) and stay in contact.

International Advisory Panel
Get Australia Standing is proudly connected to Active Working CIC’s International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP). This panel consists of leading international scientific experts who have dedicated their careers to building the evidence of sedentary behaviour, workplace design and public health research. The panel provide their advice on a voluntary basis and are not responsible for the messages in this campaign but do lend their general support. The panel consists of:

stuart biddle

Dr Stuart Biddle, PhD
Professor of Active Living & Public Health, Victoria University, Australia. Chairman of Active Working CIC International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP).

“I am personally delighted to support Get Australia Standing. It’s not a moment too soon. I wish you every success in your campaign to help the British public make simple changes to achieve significant health benefits generated by reducing sedentary time. Good luck!”


Dr James Levine
Professor of Medicine, Director Obesity Solutions, Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University

“The international Get Standing campaigns play a vital role in improving the understanding of the problems and solutions to combat sedentary behaviour in the workplace. I am honoured to be associated with such important work”


Dr David Dunstan
Associate Professor & Head, Physical Activity Laboratory, Baker IDI, Melbourne Australia
“Prolonged sitting is the most underrated health threat of modern time. I am delighted to be associated with an important international campaign which provides clear and simple communication on the merits of reducing and breaking up sitting time in the workplace”.

john buckley

Dr John Buckley, PhD
Reader of Applied Exercise Science in Health Chester.

John was lead author on the expert statement "The Sedentary Office: a growing case for change towards better health and productivity" commissioned jointly by Public Health England with Active Working C.I.C. to provide guidance for employers and staff working in an office environment.
"Get Australia Standing seems an excellent way to promote and educate the public about the ills of sitting too much. It’s not just for inactive people either, as we know that even for people who play sport and do exercise, if they spend a lot of their day sitting, they too are putting their health at risk. Standing more is a health benefit for all."

alan hedge

Professor Alan Hedge
Professor of Ergonomics, Dept. Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University

Alan is the Environmental Design Representative for the International Ergonomics Association and a Fellow of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF - UK). He has conducted extensive research into Design and Workplace Ergonomics as they affect health, comfort and productivity of workers - with heavy focus on workstation design and computer ergonomics.
"For 20 years I have been a proponent of sit-stand workstations and reducing sitting time in the workplace. It is wonderful to see the Get Australia Standing take off and develop an education strategy that can bring real change to the workplace. It is high time for cultural revolution to boost health and productivity in the workplace.”