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What do the Australian media say about sitting?

Standing desks boost productivity, not just health, study finds
31st May 2016

Is YOUR job killing you? Long hours linked to heart disease Daily Mail
30th May 2016

Is Standing Really Better Than Sitting At Work? Try Doing Both
29th May 2016

Standing up in class makes children SMARTER
18th Apr 2016

Sit-stand desks improves health and productivity Sydney University study reveals
18th Mar 2016

Workers at sit-stand desks are more energised and productive, study finds
26th Feb 2016

Standing desks can be harmful if not used properly, study warns
26th Feb 2016

Sit-stand desk workers 'more energised'
24th Feb 2016

FM Alert: Impact Of Sit-Stand Equipment On Chronic Low Back Pain
11th Feb 2016

Sitting for long periods during pregnancy linked to gestational diabetes
4th Nov 2015