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What do the Australian media say about sitting?

Brain Health: Is Your Desk Job Damaging Yours?
14th Apr 2018

Sitting too much may weaken areas of the brain
12th Apr 2018

Study finds Sitting may increase the risk of Alzheimer's
12th Apr 2018

Obesity could soon be the new smoking - cancer risk study shows
23rd Mar 2018

British Journal Of Cancer Study Examines the Association Between Sedentary Behaviour and Increased Bowel Cancer Risk in Men.
9th Mar 2018

Swedish Firms Impose Compulsory Exercise in a Bid To 'Boost Productivity'
28th Feb 2018

World Health Organization to Draft Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity
1st Feb 2018

Do Standing Desks Really Help You Lose Weight?
1st Feb 2018

Why sitting down too much could be bad for your heart
29th Jan 2018

Jamie Oliver: Stand at Your Desks Now, Class, and Fight Obesity
7th Jan 2018