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What do the Australian media say about sitting?

Strollers may be too sedentary for kids
26th Aug 2015

Standing up for better heart health
5th Aug 2015

Standing desks at schools: The solution to the childhood obesity epidemic?
21st Jul 2015

Get Australia Standing - Launch day interview with Gavin Bradley
22nd Jun 2015

Why You Should Stand At Work For Two Hours A Day
8th Jun 2015

As It Happens / Sitting Bad - Interview with Gavin Bradley (Founding Director - Active Working)
3rd Jun 2015

Office workers need to get on their feet
3rd Jun 2015

Office workers ‘should stand for four hours a day’
2nd Jun 2015

Active Working research says workers should use sit-stand desks for two, eventually fours hours daily
2nd Jun 2015

Stand up at your desk for two hours a day, new guidelines say
2nd Jun 2015