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What do the Australian media say about sitting?

Office workers should stand for two hours on the job to combat sedentary lifestyle: British study
1st Jun 2015

Sitting is the new smoking
30th May 2015

How harmful is too much sitting?
30th Mar 2015

Prahran scientists investigate whether sitting all day at work is bad for the brain
28th Mar 2015

Kids spend more than 11 hours a day sitting down
17th Mar 2015

Sit less, move more: why Australia doubled its exercise guidelines
11th Mar 2015

The perils of prolonged sitting
1st Feb 2015

Dynamic desk chair turns body into computer mouse
1st Feb 2015

Is Your White-Collar Job Killing You?
26th Jan 2015

Even Regular Exercise Isn't Enough To Cancel Out Too Much Sitting
19th Jan 2015