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If your organisation needs assistance and advice to secure the optimum sit-stand solutions at the most competitive pricing then we are here to help:

  1. Define trial objectives, methodology and requirements
  2. Select ONE or more product solutions for duration of trial
  3. Follow guidelines for user recruitment, rotation and selection
  4. Provide induction training and awareness materials
  5. It may be appropriate to include health management staff in the monitoring programme (i.e. test blood sugar levels, weight before / after one month etc.)
  6. Support the business case for further roll-out of Sit-Stand equipment
  7. Ensure that any Sit-Stand product procurement will be at best available terms
  8. Provide alternative purchase financing options
  9. Provide full training guidelines to users

We can support you at three levels:

Basic Trial Educational support and guidelines.
Extensive Trial Multiple solutions with educational support and guidelines.
Full Project RFP design and response appraisal.